Ever wish you could know you’re making the right decision? When you’re thinking about who to date, what to buy, or where to work, it really helps to have a little clarity, right?  The choices you make today will lead you one way or another—but when you know who to trust, you'll always be headed in the Divine Direction.

 This upcoming sermon/small group series begins Dec. 31, for 7 weeks.

Divine Direction, by Craig Groeschel, will help you seek wisdom through seven principles.

(1) Start a new habit to re-direct your path,
(2) Consider one thing to stop that’s hindering you;
(3) Find where you should stay committed;
(4) When you should go even if it’s easier to stay.
(5) You will learn how to seek God's will for your life, where He wants you to serve
(6) Who He wants in your life to connect with
(7) Help you discover all that God has in store for you. God will always want you to trust Him with your future and for you to be fulfilled “eternally ever after”. 


1. Use the book, Divine Direction

Everyone reads one chapter a week starting the week of December 31st.

Your small group discussion is centered on each chapter read that week, the Devotional handout with scripture for each chapter, and the sermon notes from that Sunday Morning service.

Your group will need to include time for: prayer concerns, prayer, a conversation starter, and fellowship.

2. Use the DVDs 

The DVDs are Craig Groeschel’s 4 sermons he preached to his church, when the book was published. Craig uses new material in his sermons and does not use the book format, ie. Chapter 1-7, but it is still the same Divine Direction

Each DVD contains 1 of Craig’s sermons (@30 minutes) and the corresponding Small Group Discussion Questions video (@ 6-10 minutes), also led by Craig.

Your small group discussion is centered Pastor Craig Groeschel's sermons, the discussion handout called Talk It Over, and the Small Group Discussion Questions video.

Your group will need to include time for: prayer concerns, prayer, a conversation starter, and fellowship.

If you are not in a small group you can order the DIVINE DIRECTION book at the small group table at Trinity Evangelical, and/or view Craig Groeschel's sermons by clicking the links.

Copies of the Talk-It-Over and Devotional Handouts are available at the Small Group Table at Trinity Evangelical. 
For more contact Joyce Clinger @ Joyce@mytrinity.us or contact the Trinity Evangelical 419-294-1535